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From The Desk Of: Lisa Diane

Tarpon Springs , FL

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Are you frustrated… knowing you never live up
to the promises you make to yourself?

Are you tired of trying hard, using all the “will power” you can muster up and still finding yourself right back where you started—or in many cases, even worse off? Do you feel like a failure in your health, relationships, career, self-image, finances—or maybe even in life in-general?

Have you ever stopped to think about WHY you can’t stop doing things you know are negative or harmful and start doing things that you are certain will improve your health, career, finances, relationships and overall life?

If you can relate to anything I’ve just said… and you don’t know WHY you do (or don’t do) the things you do (or want to do)… you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the same boat with 97% of everyone on the planet. Which is why the sale of weight loss pills, anti-depressants, stimulants, Viagra, get rich quick schemes, porno movies, self-help/motivational books, tapes and seminars, plus all the other “quick fix” products are skyrocketing in record numbers every year.

People are broken and they’re looking for the cure…
the “quick fix” that will make them happy, healthy
and wealthy once and for all.

We live in a free country—supposedly the greatest in the world— but our citizens live in bondage—slaves to health problems, dysfunctional relationships, overwhelming debt, poverty-level incomes, depression, climbing suicide rates, low self-esteem, high anxiety/stress and a whole bunch of other depressing and negative conditions. If you ask me, that’s not freedom—not even close.

Where do we turn for the solution to this epidemic that’s taken over our lives? The government doesn’t have the answer, our schools don’t have it, our churches don’t know it, our parents only know what they learned from their parents—which is what they learned for their parents and right on down the line.

What if it turned out that the cure for cancer and cash-flow problems, Alzheimer’s and alcoholism, depression and dysfunctional relationships, poverty and poor self-image/self-esteem, no money and no happiness, freedom from fear and financial freedom, success in everything and stress-relief were all found in one single place—with no potion, lotion or pill required?

That one question flooded my life with almost instant good fortune—going from nothing (actually, LESS than zero) to having $25,000 in my bank account, generating a $10,000 a week income, owning a burgundy Jaguar XJ6 with doe skin leather and a sun roof, moving into a new home with a beautiful view…

I received 23 “miracles” almost overnight.

At any other time in my life I would have questioned it, analyzed it and probably ended up believing it was “too good to be true.” Not this time. I was desperate. I needed this amazing newfound secret to be true. And it was True.

The information that I stumbled on turned my life around easily and almost effortlessly.

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What if the changes you’ve been trying to make for years… with no success... could be made easily and effortlessly in an
instant and last a lifetime?

ello, my name is Lisa Diane and I’m here to expose, what I call, “The Big Lie.”

For me, it started back in 1995. It was a time in my life when anything that could go wrong did go wrong. The business that I owned went under, leaving me with a truckload of debt (over $50,000), ruined credit, an empty bank account (it was in the red) and no income whatsoever.

My life was a walking disaster. I had a stomach ulcer that made it almost impossible to eat, keeping me in pain most of the time. I drank liquid Mylanta like it was water. My health, like every other area of my life, was a mess. I was under stress so thick you could cut it with a knife. I walked around with the weight of the world on my shoulders so heavy I could barely stand up straight.

Literally, my life was falling apart. But even worse, I had no clue what to do about it. I was scared, embarrassed, humiliated and depressed. I hope you’ve never been there.

I didn't grow up with money, I didn't know anyone with money and I didn't understand much about how money worked. But for some reason, I always believed I would have money. As a child I dreamed about being “rich”… driving fancy cars, living in beautiful homes and being able to buy whatever I wanted from a store or from the menu at any restaurant—without even checking to see how much it cost. Here I was in '95—I couldn't have been further away from the wealthy lifestyle I had dreamed of. It was a stretch for me to buy a $1.99 meal from Burger King—for two.

I found myself at a crossroad.

I needed money—fast. I didn’t have a college education or any specials skills or training. So I realized that the job market was limited. Friends suggested I get a job—any job—just to survive. But something deep inside me just wouldn’t let me do it. Somehow I knew that if I gave in and got a job it would be the beginning of the end for that “rich life” I had dreamed about. I just couldn’t bring myself to give up, give in and go to work for someone else.

It was as if there was something calling me…
some bigger purpose for my life that I had to pursue.

Some people call it fate, others say it’s destiny. Whatever it was, I knew it was searching for me just as much as I was searching for it. So I vowed to find it. I spent a lot of time praying, asking God for help and direction. I believed that He had big plans for my life and I was determined to find out what they were.

The weeks that went by after closing the doors to my business
were full of soul-searching and waiting.
At the same time, I knew that something had to happen fast

I had bill collectors calling my house and showing up at my door at all hours of the day and night. Every time I turned around the mound of debt seemed to grow by another thousand or two, because of all the interest and penalties these companies were adding to what I already couldn’t pay. The last straw for me was when I went to a Little League game with my little boy and came home to find that my car had been repossessed. It was in that moment that I knew something had to change—and it had to change right now.

The ironic thing is just hours before having my last worldly possession taken from me… during that Little League game, literally out of the blue, I stumbled onto some information that set the course for a life-changing adventure beyond my wildest dreams.

The information was the starting point to my uncovering
The Big Lie”.

My first discovery, over a decade ago, brought immediate and almost miraculous results in my life. The information was like nothing I had ever seen or heard before. These were ideas and concepts that no one had ever shared with me. In fact, this information was totally opposite of everything I had ever known or believed to be true

I can't explain everything I learned here in this letter, but one of the most exciting things that happened was when I wrote out a very special list. I answered a question that I had never been asked before. In fact, I didn't know you could even ask such a question . On that list were things like having $25,000 in my bank account, generating a $10,000 a week income, owning a burgundy Jaguar XJ6 with doe skin leather and a sun roof, moving into a new home with a beautiful view… there were 25 things on my list in all.

Now keep in mind, the day I wrote this list I didn't even have $25 in the bank… I had no income—not even $10 a week… the repo man took my car and I was on the brink of losing my small home to foreclosure. So the idea of me having a fat bank account, a huge weekly income, a Jag and a home with a view was completely insane (to anyone without the secret).

At any other time in my life I would have questioned it, analyzed it and probably ended up believing it was “too good to be true.” Not this time. I was desperate. I needed this amazing newfound secret to be true.

And it was True.

That list of 25? Within six months of writing it I had received 23 of the 25 things—including EVERYTHING I mentioned a moment ago and much, much more!

(If you'd like to know the question I asked and how to write your own list, click here and I'll send you a copy, free.)


The information that I stumbled on turned my life around easily and almost effortlessly . I used it to start a little business on my dining room table. With absolutely no skills, no training, no experience and no money of my own, I was able to start this little business and bring in over $3,500 my first week. But it didn't stop there. Within just a few weeks I was earning that much in a day.

In fact, that little business grew into a million dollar + business—right before my eyes.

Since 1995 I've used this secret to build several businesses, from scratch, earning as much as $50,000 in a single week. I've taken vacations to exotic places, paid for my dream cars in cash and given more money to my church and others than most people earn in a year. I buy things with cash—not credit. I work when I choose, where I choose, for as long as I choose. I've been able to send my son to a private Christian school. I own an oceanfront condo on the most popular beach in the U.S. I have a home in the country and my primary residence is a gorgeous 3-story estate directly on the Gulf of Mexico. The sunsets are absolutely breathtaking! It's all thanks to discovering one simple, yet all-powerful secret. What a blessing it's been for me and my family. I don't tell you these things to brag or boast. My goal is to simply show you how powerful this secret really is—I'm living proof!

I used this information (an ancient secret) to break out of the financial bondage I was in and live in total financial freedom. It didn't take me years or decades—it took my literally a few weeks to effortlessly and easily watch the transformation take place . And it has nothing to do with hard work, sacrifice, goal setting, will power or any other of the “usual” ways we've heard about.

I've enjoyed a lifestyle that most people only dream of—with the fancy cars, waterfront estates, oceanfront vacation homes, unlimited bank accounts and more. I've literally watched that childhood dream of being “rich” become a reality right before my very eyes. It's been that way for the last decade.

I went on my merry way making money,
being happy and feeling good, until…

You see, I believed the information I had stumbled on was it—everything I needed to know. Looking back now, I don't know how I missed it for so long… or why I would have thought that God's “big plans” for me were only about me living the good life.

Little by little I started to see it. Things would come to me in conversations, in dreams, when I was reading or while I was enjoying the ocean view from my deck. It was like a little “push”… a nudge… a feeling that there was something more to discover, something more to do.

I guess a part of me knew it all along
that God wasn't finished with me yet.

As the New Millennium came rolling in, with it came a sense that it was time to do something more with my life—to fulfill my purpose and destiny. And just like the last time, back in 1995, I stumbled onto the next piece of the puzzle—the next ancient secret that would once again rock my world.

This next “piece of the puzzle” was something much bigger than I even realized . What I discovered was literally the source of every problem known to man —from money and low self-esteem, to relationships and anger, to depression and stress, to procrastination and feelings of unhappiness, fear, worry and failure. Anything and everything you can pinpoint as negative, limiting or harmful—I knew the cause.

This discovery sent me on a search for the truth.
If I knew the cause of all our problems, failures and adversities, surely I could find the solution.

I started reading books on every topic I could think of—from self-help and motivation, business and marketing, metaphysics and spirituality to finance and wealth management, health and healing, psychology and quantum physics and every category in-between. I bought personal growth and achievement courses by the truckload. I attended seminars and researched the lives of the most successful people on the planet.

I was determined to find the solution—leaving no stone unturned. All-in-all I read nearly 2,000 books and listened to hundreds of audio courses . I found clues here and there—common threads that kept popping up in all different areas. I felt like I was on to something but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

The solution to financial problems—going from nothing to financial freedom—seemed simple once I understood the truth. But I still struggled in other areas. I knew there was more to it than what I had learned so far—somewhere laid the key to ultimate success, health, wealth, happiness and peace of mind—the secret to “having it all. And then, just like the other two times before, literally out of the blue, when I was least expecting it, the answer came.

You know the old saying, “God works in mysterious ways?”
… well, I believe it.

This last “piece of the puzzle” is the most powerful of all, yet it came to me almost as if by chance. (Of course, nothing really happens by chance or coincidence.)

As it turns out, the solution I was searching for all these years was quite literally right under my nose the whole time. Maybe I just wasn't ready for it yet… or maybe you weren't ready to receive it until now. When I found it, all the research had been done for me—it had more than 50 years worth of documented, scientific, undeniable, absolute and indisputable proof to back it up . All I had to do was connect it to the other two “pieces of the puzzle” and whamo—the BIG LIE was exposed and with it, the AWESOME TRUTH was uncovered once and for all. I started my search in the year 1995. My search ended in 2005 (of course, with every ending there's a new beginning). This is the reason I'm writing to you today.

I call it, “Exposing the Big Lie
and Uncovering the Awesome Truth.”

Your life, up until this moment, has been based on a Big Lie . Actually, if you get more specific—a series of big lies. I'm not here to place blame or point the finger at your parents, your friends and family, your church, your workplace, your community or at you. I'm not suggesting that these lies were told on purpose or to be malicious—but they have hurt you more than you can ever imagine .

The Big Lie has kept YOU from being happy, healthy and wealthy. It's the reason you make promises and resolutions to yourself (and others) that you just can't keep. It's the reason you make a little progress here and there and then find yourself worse off than when you started… you know the old saying, “2 steps forward, 3 steps back.”

The Big Lie is the reason you have too much debt and not enough money… too many “should have beens and if onlys” and not enough success and ccomplishment…too much stress, fear and worry and not enough happiness, confidence and peace of mind.

The Big Lie is why you struggle through life, “going through the motions”, settling for what you can get, instead of what you want and deserve… never feeling like what you do or who you are really matters… like your life counts for something. It's why you dread Monday mornings and balancing your checkbook after you pay the bills.

The Big Lie is the reason people get divorced or never find love at all… why our children are lost with no direction and why we don't have a clue how to help them. The Big Lie is why you're where you are right now instead of where you were destined to be—doing what turns you on most in the world—with total financial freedom, fulfillment and peace of mind.

You're not alone, more than 97% of everyone on the planet live lives controlled by The Big Lie !

Most people have no idea there's an alternative. From the time they're around 5 years old to the day they die, the quality of their life is dictated by The Big Lie . Are you willing to go on living controlled by a lie? Now I know what you must be thinking, I sound like some weirdo—a cross between the folks that pin flowers on your shirt at the airports and one of those radicals who go around spreading all their “conspiracy theories”. I assure you I'm neither.

I'm a regular, ordinary person—just like you . The difference is, I've been blessed to uncover an Awesome Truth that literally changes everything (and I mean everything!). It's not hocus pocus, New Age mysticism or any other “religious” concepts or teachings. In fact, it's very much the opposite.

This Awesome Truth is universal . It applies to everyone—from doctors and lawyers to store clerks and ditch diggers…from Presidents to parents…from PhDs to grade school drop-outs…from people 5 years old to 105…from Baptists to Buddhists…from the world's wealthiest people to the most poverty stricken on the planet…from genius to retarded…this awesome TRUTH is what sets people FREE.

Would you like to be FREE? I mean REALLY Free?
Do you even know what that means? I didn't.

Back in '95 I thought Freedom meant never having to work for someone else. I thought it meant being debt-free and having enough money to pay my bills and buy the things I really wanted for my family. I thought freedom was about being able to go where I wanted, when I wanted, for as long as I wanted, with whomever I wanted to go with. And you know, that is freedom—at least in some respects .

But real freedom isn't just about buying things or going places or “calling the shots” . Real Freedom is about discovering there are NO LIMITS to what you can have, do or be and then actually living a life with no limits. Real Freedom is about feeling good, being happy and living in a state of total peace of mind. Real Freedom is about asking and receiving… about giving and contributing out of a never-ending, ever-increasing flow of abundance that rushes through your life like the raging water at Niagara Falls .

Jessica now sees the light..

"I'm so thankful that you allowed me to see just how messed up my thought life was. I learned quickly that I was my own worst enemy. I can finally see the light. The results are worth more than any sum you could pay."
Jessica R.


How long will you miss out on the good life, being controlled by
The Big Lie?

The Big Lie tells us you can't always have what you want… that you've got to be realistic… that success, health, wealth and happiness is for the “other guy” but not you. The Big Lie makes you believe that other people control your destiny and that your boss, your spouse, the government or just plain old bad luck is the reason you have never been successful and you probably never will be—so you should just deal with it.

The Awesome Truth tells us that we get what we expect and accept… that the only limits to what you can have, do and be are those you place on yourself… that success, health, wealth and happiness is your birthright… and that no one creates your reality but you—you are not a victim—nothing is done to you and everything is created by you…so you have the power to design your ultimate life.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against self-help or motivational books and audio programs. (In fact, I'm a published author of motivational books, audio programs, etc. My life's work has become uncovering secrets that allow ordinary people—like you and me—to live extraordinary lives. Over 35,653 people—in the U.S. and around the globe—have been exposed to my work. The testimonies and letters of thanks that I receive could literally fit in a football stadium sized storage box.) So, I do believe motivational programs have a place . It's just that The Big Lie and The Awesome Truth isn't found in self-help, personal growth or motivational books and courses—not even mine. You'll see glimpses of it from time to time—some even get close.

But of all the books, tapes, CDs, home study courses and seminars I've ever seen or heard, NONE of them expose The Big Lie or uncover The Awesome Truth —NONE OF THEM. This is the reason why self-help and motivational material only works for a small percentage of people, some of the time, but never for everyone . And most of the time, the effects only last for a few hours, days or weeks. People are stirred but not moved… touched but not changed. Do you know why? It's The Big Lie —they need to know it and The Awesome Truth —they need to experience it.

So how about you…what are you looking for?

I don't know you yet. I don't know your story… what you're afraid of, what holds you back, what you dream of having or becoming. But I do know one thing for sure… you deserve more than the life you're living right now and I'm about to show you how to have it.

I’ve created a very special course and 2 powerful audios called,
“Exposing the Big Lie and Uncovering the Awesome Truth.”

If there were one secret to life that you simply cannot afford to live without, THIS WOULD BE IT. I don't say that to sound arrogant or full of “hype”—the fact is, you having this inside information is critical to your success, health, happiness, wealth and well-being . It's the single most important secret that you will ever be told.

Included in this powerful special course, “Exposing the Big Lie and Uncovering the Awesome Truth” you will discover:

I'll expose The Big Lie and how it has kept you from your greatness

Why you do the things you don’t want to do; and don’t do the things you want to do (meaning, why you can’t break bad habits or follow-through with good ones)

How to instantly eliminate procrastination, fear, worry, anger, doubt, depression and all other negative or harmful emotions and conditions

How to eliminate stress and “overwhelm” from your life

How to stop attracting the wrong people and get rid of dysfunctional relationships

How to eliminate health problems—even chronic sickness and conditions

How to end your money problems forever (If you want to get rich, this is for you!)

Why trying hard to change or make things happen, using all the willpower you’ve got virtually guarantees you will fail every time

Uncover The Awesome Truth and the key to having everything you want in life

How to be happy and feel great all the time

How to have total peace of mind in every situation

How to have wonderful, supportive relationships in every area of your life

How to be calm and relaxed so you can enjoy every day of your life

How to be healthy and have unlimited energy

How to eliminate procrastination forever and accomplish what you want at warp speed

How to tap into the most powerful force known to man to effortlessly accomplish all your desires

How to have all the money you want and live rich

How to attract the love of your life and keep the passion in your relationship

The one secret that you can use to literally attract success, health, wealth, happiness and good fortune to you like a magnet


Lisa Diane's secret turned Bonnie's life around...

“The secret Lisa Diane reveals turned my life around. I’ve gone from living life “hand to mouth,” struggling just to cover the basics to literally having all the money I need for whatever I desire. Even better, I’m no longer stressed and unhappy. I’m excited about my future. Thanks a million!
Bonnie B.

Lisa Diane answered the most difficult questions...

"You answered questions I have had and pondered for years. I knew there had to be more to life than what was simply 'dished out'. I am so excited about creating my new life."
Ray C.,  St. Louis, MO

Discover how to have anything you want using a simple, fun and easy technique that takes less than
10 minutes a day and no money or special skills.

* I have personally used this technique for the last 10 years to get everything from cars and houses to specific furniture and clothes, to new businesses and windfalls of cash!

This report, “Exposing the Big Lie and Uncovering the Awesome Truth” solves the mystery in life. It sets you free from what holds you back and stands in the way of your greatness and it empowers you to have, do and be absolutely everything you want in life.

Honestly, I could write a book listing all the incredible results you could experience—but I'd rather have you find out for yourself.

There's absolutely NO RISK to you whatsoever . Order right now by clicking any of the buttons at the end of this letter.

This is the real deal. It's what you've waited for your entire life—even if you didn't know it. “Exposing The Big Lie and Uncovering The Awesome Truth” can be the key that unlocks every door that's ever been closed to you… the key to your freedom and to your success, happiness, well-being and good fortune.

Wilheimenia is now excited about life...

"Thank you for your beautiful inspiring course. Thank you for the hope you are offering to all of us common mortals. I've studied and attended seminars for almost a lifetime and for some reason your program just clicked. I feel so great and am so excited and enthusiastic about my life." With much love and gratitude,
Wilheimenia R

"Exposing The Big Lie" has worked wonders for Katie...

"I have been listening to the Big Lie. What a treasure! I really appreciate hearing your story and knowing that this has really worked in your life. I am thanking God for your work"
Katie N.

Don't wait another minute. Click the button below and order this life-changing course now . I'll look forward to hearing from you and to sharing in your joy as your entire life turns around in an amazing way.

Warm regards

Lisa Diane
Co-Founder Inspiration Point, LLC

“Yes, Lisa Diane! I want you to expose the Big Lie so I can discover what’s standing between me and everything I want in life.”

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